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Toltecs are one of the races in the world of After Reset.


For many centuries before the Past Age, the territories formerly called "North and Central America," were dominated by the Toltec tribe. Historians and anthropologists of the Past Age were inclined to believe that there was once a group of indigenous people, made up of the patriarchs and elite of the tribe, who had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. It was precisely to this race that the scientists of the former Earth attributed the majority of achievements and artifacts discovered in the region. However, for some reason, contact with the extraterrestrials was interrupted. The tribe's development returned to its natural course, and the Toltec race was assimilated into other tribes like Olmec, Aztec, etc.

During the subsequent colonization of the Americas, the majority of the indigenous population was wiped out, and the survivors were forced to live on reservations by technically superior invaders. This country of colonist descendants was, in the Past Age, the USA - the most powerful nation on the world stage, which is why it was represented to a higher degree in the UG. By the time democracy and humanism were developed, the Toltec nation had been almost completely wiped-off the face of the earth, and their mark erased from history.

Decades after the Reset, the native Indian survivors formed prosperous civilized society in the former North America - the Indian Alliance. By 132 A.R. their descendants believe that the Gods destroyed the invasive civilization of the Past Age to save their ancestors and bring them to the celestial world, and that their ancestors who deserved it were taken to that world, giving birth to the new Toltec race. And they believe that those who have remained on Earth should live with respect to the traditions of the tribes, so that they can earn the right to be invited to the land of Gods and become true Toltec. [1]