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Survivors are one of the races in the world of After Reset.


During the Reset most of humanity of the Past Age died out, but small numbers managed to hang on by turning to the basest of all the human instincts - the instinct of survival. This instinct inevitably leads to the manifestation of other animal qualities of people: anarchy and struggling for the few remaining resources, bloodlust and fighting for power, carnality, cannibalism and depravity. For the handful of those who survived the Reset and were left alone on the dying planet, primitive instincts became the only way to survive. These people began calling themselves the Survivors.

Despite their low average lifespan (35-45 years), by the end of 132 A.R. Survivors are the most widespread human race in the regions of the Great Desert and the State of Eagle. The New Confederacy and Black Sand mostly consist of survivors, as well as the majority of other smaller societies, anarchist groups, gangs and raiders above the ground.[1]