After Reset Wiki

List of skills[]

Combat skills[]

Skill Ability Description
Melee Weapons Agility The Melee Weapons skill determines a character’s efficiency of using non-ranged weapons in melee combat - knives, sledgehammers, spears, clubs, and so on.
Thrown Weapons Agility The Throwing Weapons skill determines a character’s efficiency of using muscle-propelled ranged weapons, such as throwing knives, stones, bows and so on.
Firearms Weapons Perception The Firearms Weapons skill determines a character’s efficiency of using weapons that are barreled weapons that launch one or more projectiles often defined by the action of an explosive.
Energy Weapons Intelligence The Energy Weapons skill determines a character’s efficiency of using weapons that emit energy in an aimed direction without the means of a projectile. They transfer energy to a target for a desired effect.
Field Weapons Intelligence The Field Weapons skill determines a character’s efficiency of using weapons based on aliens' technologies and on Higgs Field Technology. Field Weapons are very rare in the After Reset RPG.

Active skills[]

Skill Ability Description
First Aid Perception The First Aid skill is a common healing skill used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor body damage.
Lockpick Agility The Lockpick skill allows the character to enter locked rooms and open locked containers. Without it you might only be able to smash them. But in that case every item within containers has 90% of chance to be destroyed.
Traps Agility This skill helps you to use trap kits to set traps that are visible for you and your allies but may prove deadly for your foes. The same skill allows you to attempt to disable dangerous devices such as traps as well.
Steal Agility The Steal skill allows a character to pick the pocket of other people to make things of others your own.
Science Intelligence This skill includes a variety of high-technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics, geology, etc. Due to that it looks useful for operating or hacking computers and electronic devices. As well as for crafting and using high tech gadgets.
Repair Intelligence The Repair skill is used for fixing of broken weapons, equipment, machinery and electronics.

Selected mode skills[]

Skill Ability Description
Stealth Agility The Stealth skill is used to sink into the shadows and remain unnoticed. With successful checks, you won’t be located.
Spot Perception The Spot skill lets a character discern some small detail or irregularity through active effort, such as secret doors, traps, hidden compartments and other. This skill is used to spot stealthed characters as well.

Passive skills[]

Skill Ability Description
Doctor Intelligence The Doctor skill allows the character to heal major wounds and crippled limbs with special medical equipment. As well as it helps to identify negative effects on character by diagnosing them.
Outdoorsman Constitution This skill represents practical knowledge of the living and traveling through the post-apocalyptic world of After Reset. This includes knowledge of plants, animals and places.
Tumble Agility The Tumble skill determines the ability to dive, evade, roll, somersault, flip, and so on.

Social skills[]

Skill Ability Description
Expertise Intelligence The Expertise skill allows a character to identify unknown items and can represent his/her general knowledge learned.
Speech Charisma The Speech skill represents ability to communicate with other persons by convincing others that your position is correct. The ability also reflects the ability to lie and not get caught.
Trade Charisma The Trade skill reflects the ability to get better prices for items you sell, and lower prices for items you buy.