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Pastagers are ones of the races in the world of After Reset.


Pastagers or Iron Worms (sometimes called 'Junkees' by people of the New Confederacy, contemptuously, or 'Underneath Demons' by the tribes of the Indian Alliance) are citizens of the United Governments that have been seen on the surface by descendants of survivors over the 100+ years after the Reset.

During the Reset several millions from a population of over 17 billion were able to find refuge in specially equipped underground bases and over hundreds of years to expand them into fully fledged underground cities. By the 132 A.R. the citizens of United Governments could be rarely met on the surface. The majority of them inhabit under the Earth within highly advanced underground megapolises. Despite their small numbers they still keep the technologies of the Past Age and its way of living.

The political system of the United Governments' society is meritocracy/technocracy/corporatocracy. This is largely due to the huge influence that the elite (the so-called majority shareholders of the Earth) had on the establishment of the United Governments, formation of the "blue" and "white" lists by which United Governments citizens that enjoyed priority prior evacuation to underground cities were selected before the Reset. Due to that Pastagers' nature tends to conflict through dominance but they have no special penchant for any alignment. The heroes and the villains are found among them.

The average lifespan of Pastagers during the years before and after the Reset was increased up to 115 years. The major roles in that were played by science technologies and anxious attitude to human life (the lives of UG citizens, primarily).[1]