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In addition to representing character traits gained from leveling up, feats in After Reset also represent a wide range of affects a character receives from various sources, such as racial bonuses, or bonuses and penalties granted by equipment.

Types of feats[]

Racial feats represent aspects of a character's race, such as racial weapon proficiencies, and are granted automatically at character creation depending on the race chosen.
Background feats are taken at first level and represent part of the character's personality, back story, or unique physical attributes.
Augmentation feats represent technological augments the character possesses and grant access to or progress in the augmentation tree.
Profession feats are related to the character's profession and are gained based on profession level.
Generic feats give a range of benefits and are selected at character creation or while leveling up.
Skill feats are chosen along side generic feats, but specifically effect skills.
Survival feats increase a characters Chance-of-Saving rolls and are gained in the same way as generic feats.
Achievement feats are gained automatically upon meeting certain requirements, such as completing a quest.
Armor feats are granted by the armor a character wears.
Weapon feats are granted by the weapons a character wields, such as an attack bonus from a projectile weapon which has no recoil.